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Walking Aids

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  1. Lightweight Tri Wheel Walker

    Lightweight Tri Wheel Walker

    £75.00 (£90.00 inc. VAT)

    Out of Stock

    At just 4kg*, this aluminium tri wheel walker is a lightweight alternative to our standard steel tri... Learn More
  2. Lightweight Four-Wheeled Rollator

    Lightweight Four-Wheeled Rollator

    £90.00 (£108.00 inc. VAT)

    Out of Stock

    This four-wheeled rollator from Homecraft features easy to operate loop brakes and incorporates a pa... Learn More
  3. Wheeled Walking Frame

    Wheeled Walking Frame

    £57.17 (£68.60 inc. VAT)
    These aluminium walking frames are lightweight, height adjustable and have two wheels at the front a... Learn More
  4. Buckingham Walking Frame Caddy

    Buckingham Walking Frame Caddy

    £32.42 (£38.90 inc. VAT)
    Lightweight and stylish, this caddy, for use with wheeled walking frames, enables the user to transp... Learn More
  5. Folding Coloured Walking Stick

    Folding Coloured Walking Stick

    £13.42 (£16.10 inc. VAT)
    Available in a range of colours, these folding height adjustable walking sticks have received a hard... Learn More
  6. Contoured Grip Stick

    Contoured Grip Stick

    £13.33 (£16.00 inc. VAT)
    The ergonomic handle of these sticks is designed for users with painful or arthritic hands. Learn More
  7. Comfy Grip Stick

    Comfy Grip Stick

    £13.33 (£16.00 inc. VAT)
    Lightweight, yet sturdy anodised aluminium walking sticks that feature an ergonomically designed han... Learn More
  8. Double Adjustable Ergonomic Handle Crutch

    Double Adjustable Ergonomic Handle Crutch

    £34.63 (£41.56 inc. VAT)
    These Days double adjustable crutches allow the user to adjust the distance between the hand grip an... Learn More
  9. Coloured Elbow Crutch

    Coloured Elbow Crutch

    £24.63 (£29.56 inc. VAT)
    The upper part of these crutches is one complete moulding to reduce hard edges and make cleaning eas... Learn More
  10. Z-Tec Compact Tri Wheel Walker

    Compact Tri Wheel Walker

    £75.00 (£90.00 inc. VAT)
    The latest model of tri-wheel walker from Z-Tec Mobility, with an innovative extendible frame making... Learn More

15 items found

10 30 per page
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Walking aids assist with keeping mobile and independent in the home and when out and about.

Our range of walking sticks and crutches are available in a range of colours and lengths, with the option of ergonomic handles for extra comfort.

Walking Frames provide extra support for the user and are lightweight and height adjustable.

Tri Wheel Walkers and Four Wheel Rollators can be thought of as Walking Frames with Wheels and include brakes to help the user maintain control. Tri Wheel Walkers are generally more agile and can be used in tighter spaces (e.g. indoors) whilst Four Wheel Rollators have the benefit of a built-in seat for taking rests on longer walks.